Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau Mission Statement

The mission of the Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau is to unite the business community and to involve the entire community in responsibily promoting tourism and the overall economic health of the mountain area in and around Shaver Lake, California. Join Us Today!

The Goals of the Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau are as follows:
  • The SLVB will aid and provide support for community events that attract visitors to the Shaver Lake community. All events selected by the SLVB must reflect positively on the community and must be financially well planned. The level of support will be determined according to the needs of the event sponsors as well as the SLVB's resources.
  • The SLVB will maintain an informational website and Facebook presence that features community businesses, attractions, selected special event and opportunities for sports and recreation in the area, as well as providing information needed to facilitate a good visitor experience.
  • The SLVB will telephone answer questions regarding what is happening in the area.
  • The SLVB will establish site(s) in the community for visitor information and will encourage its business members to devote space in their establishments for visitor information.
  • The SLVB will provide selected publications for the use of promoting tourism to the area.
For more information, please call any of the SLVB Officers:
  • President Keith Davis 977-3541
  • Vice President Lee Larsen 779-9230
  • Secretary Zoe Huebner 349-1846
  • Treasurer Kami Chambers 430-7111

Make sure to put your camp fires completely out when you ready to leave your camp.
Lots of hungry trout are in the lakes, rivers and streams up here in the High Sierra.
Enjoy hiking with your friends and family. There are 100s of trails from which to chose.